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-Horizontal Blinds
Lower the blind and tilt the slats downward, but don't close them all the way or each slat won't get entirely cleaned.  With your hand on the bottom rail, pull the blind slightly away from the window, keeping it taut while cleaning.  Attach the soft dusting brush tool to your vacuum and vacuum a few slats at a time, going both side to side and up and down.  Then, dampen a microfiber cloth with water and wipe the slats again.  Do an extra pass over any stubborn dirt.  Open the slats and allow blind to air dry.

-Vinyl and Fabric Shades:
Vacuum fabric shades, like cellular and roman shades with the soft brush of your vacuum.
For vinyl roller shades, pull them about halfway down to start; it will be easier to manage.  Dip a cloth in sudsy water, wring it out and clean the vinyl shade in horizontal sections, starting at the bottom and wiping up and down or left to right. Focus on the edges and bottoms where fingerprints tend to be.  Rinse the cloth, wring well, and wipe off the section you're working on.  Continue upward, pulling shade down as you go.  Leave the shade extended until it's dry.

-Spray fabric and aluminum blinds and shades with Static Guard to repel dust!


Be prepared for a long, cold winter!!!!  You can save money on heating bills by installing window treatments that keep the heat in, and the wind out.  For example, Hunter Douglas "Architella" cellular shades increase the R value on a window to almost 8 with certain fabrics!  And, Comfortex Comfortrak cellular blinds have a side track that can keep cold drafts out.  Stop by our showroom and talk to one of our decorators to find out all the options for reducing your heating bills!
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